Allergy and homeopathy

An allergy is the hyper immune reaction of a person to some proteins in our environment, such as those found in pets, dust mites, pollens, food proteins which though normally harmless for other person. In other words the immune system of an allergic persons is hyper sensitive to some substances whereas the same substances does not put any impact on the immune system of a normal person when do expose to them. In our daily life we are exposing lot of foreign substances in the form of chemicals, pollutants, dusts, viruses, pollens, some food proteins which act as an antigen or allergens. Those antigens or allergens when enters inside body our immune cells recognize them and eliminate them out. Our immune cells like T cells (T lymphocyte) and B cells (B lymphocytes) play the major role to perform this task.  In a normal person when those antigen or allergen enter inside the body the immune system eliminate them without reacting anyway, but an allergic person of hypersensitive immune system reacts to those substances vigorously. A person of hypersensitive immune system, the B cells induces the inflammatory tissue reaction called allergic reaction when comes in contact to those antigens or allergens. The B cells of a sensitized immune system when detect any such foreign protein or antigen produce certain substances called IgE antibody.


In our body there are some cells called mast cells. Those mast cells contain some granules called histamine and heparin. Around the surface of mast cells numerous receptor are found called FC receptors to which the IgE antibody binds. When any allergen invade the body the B cell identifies the invader and produces antibodies IgE those flows and attach with the FC receptor of mast cell surface. The antigen or allergen further binds with those IgE antibodies over mast cell surface. This way of antigen and antibody fixation stimulate the mast cell to releases the histamine content around the tissues. Those histamines when comes in contact to the surrounding tissue binds to the histamine receptors present over the tissue surface and starts developing allergic reactions. The symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, redness and itching of eyes nose are nothing but the outcomes result of histamine and tissue reaction.

So here the conventional treatment helps to check the allergic symptoms by blocking the histamine receptor so the histamine cannot find the space to bind the tissue surface so the allergic reaction does not take place.   But those medications give a short term effect of few hours.   Again when the person exposes to those allergens stats developing same symptoms and need the same medication again to stop the reaction. As we have to live in the same environment so it is quite difficult to keep away us from those allergens at all.

So for a long term curative treatment, it is required to rectify the hypersensitiveness nature of the immune system of the allergic person so that he will not react adversely even when exposing to the same allergens which he was reacting earlier.

The homeopathy medicines help in this regards by rectifying or modifying the sensitive nature of the immune system of an allergic persons. It is because homeopathy medicines are not only selected from the clinical symptoms of any disease but also from the physical, mental, psychological and emotional features of a person for selection of medicines so it give impact on all systems of the body  including immune system. That’s the way it helps to modify the hypersensitive nature immune system of an individual to perform normal way like a healthy person. Homeopathy treatment for allergy gives wonderful result to the patients to prevent as well as cure the allergic constitution permanently.


3 thoughts on “Allergy and homeopathy

  1. Homeopathic remedies are truly amazing and trustworthy in many ways without having any side effects on the recovery path..

    Dr. Rangadhar has been immensely helpful to us as a family doctor in recovering from multiple health related chronic issues in several occasions.

    He has tremendous medical skills on various chronic diseases with curable medications (that really works!! Unlike the expensive allopathic ones that take ages or long time to recover but adding another hidden trouble(s) to health as a side effect)

    Many thanks for his wonderful researches towards the mankind that actually benefits a bigger section who really believes in Homeopathy.. Paradigm shift to Homeopathic treatments is a absolute necessity sometimes!!!


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