ASTHMA – Dr. Satapathy’s Homeopathy Treatment.


Asthma is a chronic disease of respiratory system caused by inflammation of inner layer of bronchial tube due to allergic factors. It causes the airways narrow or constrict that impairs a person’s ability to take breathe. When a healthy person takes deep breaths, the airways relax whereas an asthmatic person when takes a deep breath often finds that his or her airways constrict. Asthma is triggered by various factors, such as pets dander, pollutions, exposure to smoke, change of weather, emotional factors and other pathogens in the environment.

 Common symptoms

  • Breathless
  • wheezing sound , and sometimes gasps for air
  • Chest tightness
  • Breathing difficulties on rising staircase or running a little

Types of asthma

  • Child asthma – asthma occur below 20 years
  • Adult-onset asthma – asthma occur above 20 years
  • Occupational asthma – asthma occurs due to triggers factors in the work place like dust, pollutants, chemicals, any irritant fumes etc
  • Exercise induced asthma –asthma  occur about 10 to 20 minutes after exercise
  • Nocturnal asthma – asthma generally occur in night time
  • Cardiac asthma – asthma result from cardiac origin


Common treatment of asthma

  • Broncho dilator or puff to relieve the bronchial constriction meaning they expand the passageways into the lungs , allowing more air in and out and improving breathing.
  • Corticosteroid medication orally or inhaled
  • Anti allergic medication to control the allergy
  • Antibiotics to if any infection


Homeopathy medicines for asthma

Homeopathic medicines give good results in asthmatic condition not only to control the acute symptoms but also give a longstanding cure to the patients. Some common medicines are –

Aconite nap – difficulties breathing, shortness of breath, tightness of chest, exposure dry cold air. Wheezing sound with dry and teasing cough worse at night. Tingling in chest after cough

Ipecacuanha– wheezing sound with constriction of chest. Cough constantly with every breath. Suffocative cough, sneezing  with runny nose associated with asthma.

Antimonium tartaricum there is large amount of mucous in broncus but difficult to expectorate. The breathing sounds seem full of mucus but unable to release them. Asthma occurs in aged person.  Debility and drowsy feeling, short difficult breathing and shortness of breath.

Aralia racemosa– there is dry cough that occurs just after sleeping in night. Difficult breathing more on lying down and suffocative cough. Allergic sne ezing, runny nose associated with asthma. Seasonal asthma.

Arsenic album– Shortness of breath , wheezing sound , tightness of chest worse on lying down and after midnight. The patient sit up and bend forward to relieve from the symptoms. Constriction of chest, cough with little expectoration and wheezing sound, all worse at night and lying on back.

Arsenicum iodatum – allergic induced asthma. The allergic symptoms are more prominent like recurrent sneezing with profuse nasal secretion. Irritation and tingling sensation in nose induce sneezing one after another with rawness and burning sensation of nostrils from profuse nasal secretion.

Blatta orientalis Asthma with dry cough. Shortness of breath and chest congestion associated with wheezing sound.

Carbo vegetabilis – asthma occur in old aged person. Cough with gagging of mucus. There is flatulency of stomach, motre gas formation and burping associated with asthma. The person needs open air during asthmatic attack

Coca exercise induced asthma. Difficult breathing occurs in mountain riders.

Grindelia – wheezing and oppression of chest during asthmatic attack. There is productive cough with thick expectoration. There is suffocative and smothering after falling as sleep.  There is difficulty in breathing on little physical activities and lying posture.Kali carbonicum – Asthma is worse on early morning around 2 to 3 am. There is cough and wheezing sound associated with difficulties breathing in asthmatic attack.

Natrum sulphuricum – The asthma is worse in damp climate. There is wheezing sound with productive cough and the patient feels soreness on chest while coughing. Children asthma worse on every change of weather or in damp climate.

 Sambucus nigra – there is oppression of chest with suffocative cough worse in night during asthmatic attack. The children asthma. Child wake up in the night suddenly with suffocative feeling due to blockage of nose.

Lobelia inflate difficulties in breathing with constriction of chest occurs during asthmatic attack. There is sensation of pressure or weight in chest, shortness of breath. Asthma occurs in old aged person.


9 thoughts on “ASTHMA – Dr. Satapathy’s Homeopathy Treatment.

  1. Generally when we feel breathlessness, we go to our family physician who will brand it as asthma and prescribe some sprays or tablets which contain steroids. We do not realize the harm it will cause to us in long term use.

    Homeopathy is the branch which will go to the root cause and cure forever. It can be constitutional or symptomatic. Whether it is asthma, bronchitis or bronchial asthma, take the detailed case history of the patient and then administer suitable homeopathic remedy so that the patient is cured permanently without any side effect.

    Dr.Sathapathy’s role in treating patients with homeoapthy is really commendable.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have been treated by Dr.Satapathy for cold related ailments few times and also for other ailments like “Tennis Elbow” and Swollen Foot.
    I can safely vouch his treatment is the best in the Homeopathy segment. He listens very patiently the problems and his diagnosis of the ailments is pinpoint and accurate.
    I wish him more success in future.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I fully endorse your statement Mr.Kumar. I have been taking homeopathy treatment since more than three decades and I have tried with many doctors. But the way Dr.Satapathy takes the case history is unique. This is the main aspect of homeopathy. The pain he takes to understand a patients problem is really unique. The right remedy and the right potency is important in homeopathy.

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  3. Dr. Satapathy is really a good doctor. My long time asthma has been cured by Dr. Satapathy’s treatment. His diagnosis is great.
    I wish him all the best for future endeavours.



  4. Homeopathic remedies are truly amazing and trustworthy in many ways without having any side effects on the recovery path..

    Dr. Rangadhar has been immensely helpful to us as a family doctor in recovering from multiple health related chronic issues in several occasions.

    He has tremendous medical skills on various chronic diseases with curable medications (that really works!! Unlike the expensive allopathic ones that take ages or long time to recover but adding another hidden trouble(s) to health as a side effect)

    Many thanks for his wonderful researches towards the mankind that actually benefits a bigger section who really believes in Homeopathy.. Paradigm shift to Homeopathic treatments is a absolute necessity sometimes!!!


  5. I had visited Dr Satapathy’s Multicare homeopathy clinic for my asthmatic problem. After few months of treatment I am completely cured and living a very normal healthy life. I would like to recomond Multicare Homeopathy Treatment Center to every body.


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