In homeopathy there is no specific medicine for any specific disease including asthma. The medicines are selected as per the detail symptoms of the patient. The collection of symptoms from the patient is important for a homeopath to select the right remedies for the disease. This collection of symptoms is called ‘taking of case history’. A well taken case history can help for a good prescription. The case history in homeopathy is different than allopathy case history. In homeopathy the treatment is given not considering the symptoms of disease part or organ, but the whole symptoms of the patient like of his physical symptoms, diseases symptoms, pathological extension, mental picture, emotional make-up, behavioral pattern etc. So this way of homeopathy treatment for asthma helps to treat the patient as a whole and beneficial for treating the cause of the disease at cellular or molecular level. That’s why homeopathy gives a long standing cure to any health problem including asthma. Unlike other system of treatment homeopathy have dual responsibility of diagnosis of disease thereafter diagnosis of the medicines.


It is always advisable not to do self medication without any doctor advise. Though homeopathy medicines are safe but taking of wrong medicines may worsen the symptoms rather to cure it. So it is highly required to take the treatment from any qualified homeopathic doctor.


Common homeopathic medicines for asthma-

Acon. Agar. all-c. aloe alum. alumn. Am-c. AMBR. aml-ns. anac. ant-ar. ant-c. Ant-t. Apis aral. ARG-N. arn. ARS-I. ARS. arum-t. Asaf. asar. asc-t. atro. Aur. bac. Bar-c. bar-m. Bell. BLATTA-O. Bov. Brom. Bry. Cact. Calad. Calc. camph. cann-i. Cann-s. Caps. carb-an. Carb-v. carbn-s. CARC. card-m. caust. cham. chel. Chin. Chinin-ar. Chlol. chlor. Cic. cina cist. coc-c. Coca cocain. cocc. Coff. Colch. coloc. Con. croc. Crot-h. crot-t. Cupr-act. cupr-ar. CUPR. daph. Dig. Dros. Dulc. eup-per. Euph. Ferr-ar. ferr-i. ferr-p. Ferr. gal-ac. Gels. glon. Graph. grat. grin. Hep. Hippoz. hydr-ac. hyos. ictod. Ign. ille. Iod. IP. KALI-AR. Kali-bi. Kali-br. KALI-C. Kali-chl. Kali-i. KALI-N. Kali-p. Kali-s. Kola lac-d. Lach. lact. Laur. Led. lem-m. LOB. Lyc. magn-gr. manc. Med. meny. Meph. merc-i-r. merc. mez. morph. Mosch. Naja Naphtin. nat-act. nat-c. Nat-m. nat-p. NAT-S. Nit-ac. nux-m. Nux-v. ol-an. Op. par. petr. phel. Phos. Phyt. plat. plb. podo. Psor. ptel. PULS. queb. ran-s. raph. rhod. rumx. Ruta sabad. sabin. SAMB. Sang. sars. scroph-n. sec. sel. Seneg. Sep. SIL. sin-n. spig. SPONG. squil. Stann. Still. STRAM. stront-c. stry. Sul-ac. SULPH. syc. syph. tab. tela ter. Thuj. tub. vario. verat-v. Verat. viol-o. viol-t. VISC. xan. zinc-m. zinc. Zing.


Asthma of allergic origin like exposure to pollen, dust, per danders, cold

ALL-C. Ambr. apis aral. Ars-i. ARS. arum-t. Bad. Carb-v. CARC. chinin-ar. chlor. Dulc. Euphr. IOD. Ip. Kali-i. Lach. linu-u. Lob. Med. Naja naphtin. Nat-s. Nux-v. ol-an. Op. phle. Sabad. sang. sep. Sil. Sin-n. Stict. sul-i. sulph. THUJ. tub.


Asthma with wheezing sounds and shortness of breath

acon. ANT-T. Ars. blatta-a. BLATTA-O. Bry. calad. caps. cupr-act. Erio. eucal. Grin. Ip. kali-i. Lob. nat-s. onis. sabal sulph.


Asthma from allergic exposure, congestion or redness of eyes, more sneezing and runny nose 

ALL-C. Ars. Carb-v. Dulc. Euphr. lach. Naja Nat-s. Nux-v. sin-n. stict.


Asthma generally occurs to children

Acon. ambr. ANT-T. ARS. calc. CARC. CHAM. IP. kali-br. kali-c. kali-i. KALI-N. KALI-S. lob. MED. Mosch. NAT-S. nux-v. PHOS. psor. PULS. SAMB. sanic. Sil. stram. sulph. Thuj. TUB. vib.


  • Red capital letters for most important medicines for asthma
  • Blue italic letters are second most important medicines for asthma
  • Green normal letters are general medicines for asthma

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