Hemorrhoids Piles and Its Proper Homeopathic Treatment.

Hemorrhoids or Piles is taken as surgically treated disease in Allopathy or in other words Piles is considered to be treatable only by operation. But Homeopathy can treat Piles successfully and permanently. Relieves the pain and bleeding just after a few days of treatment. It not only cures your piles permanently but also improve your digestion and make your bowel movement clear and relieves constipation. It is most safe, no drug side effects,100% genuine and natural. 


Piles or Hemorrhoids is a sort of disease related to anal veins, in which there is varicosity of anal veins and if pressure increases on these anal veins due to any cause (such as constipation), the walls of veins become weakened, which affects the process of dilatation and contraction in the veins and veins remain dilated at last. Blood doesn’t flow further from these dilated veins and remains accumulated, so veins become swelled up. Further it, if walls of veins become much weakened and pressure is more, the veins may rupture and blood oozes out. This whole process is just like the appearance of varicose veins in legs of those persons, who stand for a long time, but in these cases blood doesn’t come out as the veins of legs have more strength. Hemorrhoids word has originated from 2 Greek words Haima = Blood and Rhoos = Flowing and the Piles word is originated from a Latin word Pila = Ball like.


There are two types of piles mainly.

  1. External- present at outer side of anus
  2. Internal- present in inner side of anus

Sometimes they are found combined and known as Intero – External Hemorrhoids. Sometimes Piles may be a symptom of a disease such as- anal cancer, during pregnancy, chronic constipation, making great effort for urinating (in case of prostatic hypertrophy and urethral stricture).

Causes of piles

  • Constipation
  • Irregular bowel habits
  • Increased intra abdominal pressure
  • Hyperacidity
  • Low fiber diet taking more junk or fast foods, irregular diet habits
  • Lack of exercise, prolonged sitting condition


  • Pain- cutting and pricking pain with burning in anus during and after stool.
  • Bleeding- bleeding after bursting out of Piles.
  • Anal prolapsus- when disease becomes very severe.
  • Secretion- sometimes sticky and bad smelling secretion comes out after prolapsus of Piles.
  • Anemia- found in rare patients. If bleeding occurs for a long time and is not treated well then patient may become Anemic.



Hemorrhoids or Piles is taken as surgically treated disease in Allopathy or in other words Piles is considered to be treatable only by operation. But Homeopathy can treat Piles successfully and permanently. Generally it is seen that patient gets nervous when blood comes out from Piles and pain occurs and in nervousness he gets it operated. But the problem appears again after sometime in most of the patients because surgery will not be effective until the cause of Piles persists. So patient must consider it that surgery can’t be the proper treatment for Piles, he will move towards Homeopathy at last. If blood is coming out and pain is violent, then by taking Homoeopathic medicine bleeding will be stopped in few days and pain becomes subsided gradually. So this suffering should not bother patient. Here I want to add one important thing after Homoeopathic treatment, Piles move inside in number of patients, but in some cases Piles remain outside the anus, but in both conditions, the treatment is complete, because, the external Piles also will not create any type of problems after the treatment.

We should consider some important things along with treatment. Those things should be avoided which cause Constipation, Acidity or Diarrhea because Piles may appear again and condition may be serious. Green vegetables, Fruit’s juices, Roughage, Water should be taken in much quantity; Oil, Ghee, Spicy things should be avoided. Morning walk is very useful in case of Piles or Hemorrhoi.


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