Top 10 homeopathic medicines for arthritis treatment.

Arthritis diseases means, inflammation of the joints. Arthritis is a systemic inflammatory disease that can affect multiple joints in the body. There are  so many types of arthritis like osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic arthritis , poly arthritis, psoriatic arthritics etc .


“arthritis” literally approach joint infection. The term arthritis is often used to consult any disease that influences the joints. these problems fall within the broader class of rheumatic illnesses. Those are illnesses characterized by means of inflammation (signs and symptoms consist of redness or warmness, swelling, and symptoms together with ache) and loss of characteristic of one or more connecting or helping structures of the body. They specially have an effect on joints, tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscle groups. Common symptoms and symptoms are pain, swelling, and stiffness. Some rheumatic diseases can also involve internal organs.


(ARN.) Arnica montana :  Arnica montana  is one of the best Homeopathic remedies for Arthritis, which means that the symptoms pointing to terrific worry of being touched or approached, ache or pain in lower back portion of the body  and both legs , The pain are felt like bruised or crushed ,sprained and dislocated feeling. The pain is felt after overexertion. Everything on which he lies seems too difficult. Deathly coldness of forearm. cannot getup easily due to bruised pain in pelvic location. Rheumatism begins low down and works up.

(ARS.) ARSENICUM ALBUM : Arsenicum album  is a wonderful Homeopathic medicine for  Arthritis symptoms like Trembling , twitching, spasms, weakness, heaviness, uneasiness. Cramps pain  in calves muscles . Swelling of feet. Sciatica pain is also found . Burning pains is also their. Peripheral neuritis is also occurred . Diabetic gangrene is also exists .

BAD.- It  is a wonderful Homeopathic medicine for Arthritis . The symptoms are  like Stitching pain in nape, scapulæ. Pain occurs in a small portion of back, hips and lower legs. There is feeling of stiffness in neck region. Muscles and skin are felt sore, as if beaten.

BENZ-AC. It is an excellent Homeopathic medicines for arthritis. There is cracking in joint on motion. There is Tearing with stitches types of pain. Pain in tendo Achillis. Rheumatic gout; nodes very painful. Gouty deposits. Ganglion; there is swelling of the wrist portion. There is Pain and swelling in knees. Bunion of great toe. There is Tearing pain in great toe.

CAUST. Causticum: It is one of the best Homeopathic remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis where there is Left-sided sciatica, with numbness feeling. There is Paralysis of single parts. There is Dull, tearing pain in hands and arms. Heaviness and weakness is also felt. there is Tearing joints. Unsteadiness of muscles of forearm and hand is also occurred . there is Numbness; loss of sensation in hands. Contracted tendons, Weak ankles are also found. The person Cannot walk without suffering. There is Rheumatic tearing pain in legs which is better by warmth, especially heat of bed. There is Burning in joints. Slow in learning to walk. There is Unsteady walking and easily falling. Restless legs at night are also found. Cracking and tension in knees portion. There is also stiffness in hollow of knee. Itching on dorsum of feet is also occurred.

CHAM . There is Violent rheumatic pains drive him out of bed at night that compelled to walk about. Burning of soles at night is also occurred . there is savior Ankles pain in the afternoon. There is Nightly paralytic loss of power in the feet that unable to step on them.

CHEL. There is Pain in arms, shoulders, hands, tips of fingers are occurred . Icy coldness of tips of fingers; wrists sore, tearing in metacarpal bones are also found. There is  feeling of like Whole flesh too sore to touch. There are Rheumatic pain in hips and thighs. There is intolerable pains in heels, as if pinched by too narrow a shoe that worse on right. There is Feeling of paralyzed. There is Paresis of the lower limbs with rigidity of muscles found.

COLCH. There is Sharp pain down left hand. there is Tearing pain in legs in warm weather and stinging in cold. There is Pins and needles type pain in hands and wrists. The fingertips is felt numb. There is Pain in front of thigh. The Right plantar reflex abolished. There is tingling type of pain in Legs also felt lame and weak. The  Pain is worse in the  evening and warm climate. There is Joints stiff and feverish. There is shifting rheumatism. The pains are  worse at night. There is Inflammation of great toe. There is gout in heel cannot bear to have it touched or moved. There is Tingling in the finger nails. the Knees strike together that can hardly walk. There is Œdematous swelling and coldness of legs and feet.

Kali-c . There is severe pain in Back and limbs. Uneasiness heaviness, tearing and jerking pain in legs. There is also Tearing pain in legs with swelling. The Limbs sensitive to pressure. There is swelling of knee, tearing in arms from shoulder to wrist. There is Lacerating pain in wrist-joint. Paralysis of old people with dropsical affections. There severe pain in Legs at night. The Tips of toes and fingers are painful to touch. The heels are very sensitive. There is  Itching of great toe with pain. There is severe Pain from hip to knee.

KALI-I.  there is Severe bone-pains. The Periosteum is thickened especially at tibia that sensitive to touch. Arthritis pains at night in rainy weather. There is Contraction of joints and Rheumatic pain  of knees with effusion. There is Pain in small of back and coccyx. The Pain in hip is so severe make the person limping.There is Sciatica pain. he cannot stay in bed that more at night and lying on affected side.


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