Effective Homeopathy treatment for Hair fall.

Today, hair-fall has become one of the most common problems for both men and women, this is due to the adoption of unhealthy lifestyle,unhealthy food habits, Environmental  pollution,staying in high  stress, poor quality of diet, hormonal changes in body, Deficiency of essential nutrients in Diet, Thyroid problems, and usage of chemicals on our hair, various drugs side effect like chemotherapy in cancer treatment, various fungal infection also play a role in hair falling.


Homeopathy Treatment for Hair fall:

Hairfall treatment is directly related to its cause. A healthy hair will be grown from a healthy hair follicle. So in regards to treatment of hairfall or alopecia the treatment that treats the causative factors can able to give a long term and established treatment. A proper homeopathy treatment is always proved to most beneficial for the treatment of all type of hair loss as homeopathy treats the root cause of any health disorders. Hairfall result from any stress factor can be well treated by homeopathy treatment.

Common Homeopathic medicines to control hair fall, boost the hair re-growth.

ThujaThe main action of Thuja is on the skin and genito-urinary organs,  it is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for baldness with dandruff. When the dandruff is white and scaly thuja is well selected medicines.The patient having dry hair which falls out easily thuja gives good result to prevent hairfall.


Phosphorus- Phosphorus is one of the best and commonly prescribed  homeopathic remedy for all sort of  hair problem. Hairfall leaving a bald spot are generally treated with phosphorous. Hairfall associated with dandruff also get cured by phosphorous provided the other symptoms of phosphorous should match to the patient’s totality of symptoms. Phophorous is also given in case of alopecia or baldhead.


GRAPHITES:It is one of the best homeopathic medicines for hairfall origin from any skin infection. The patients having moist scaly dandruff which pills out on scratching and there is also itching of scalp associated with the above condition; In this case Graphite’s is the well sleeted remedy not only to prevent the skin condition also control the hair fall result from it


Lycopodium:  Lycopodium is a wonderful homeopathy medicines  for hair loss, premature graying of the hair, and even baldness. The Lycopodium  is given to the hair fall problem result from nutrient deficiency.The nutrient deficiency is occurred not because of inadequate supplement but from mal absorption of nutrient because of hyperacidity condition of stomach. So the hair fall which is caused by the nutrient deficiency and the patient having severe acidity symptoms should be prescribed lycopodium not only to control the hairfall but also keep his digestive system healthy as well.


FLUORICUM ACIDUM: This medicine is made from the potentization of hydrofluoric acid. The acid fluor is mostly prescribed in case of alopecia with split hair.It is  a very good medicines for hair loss that occurred in patch , especially alopecia areata, where the patient loses hair from spots on the scalp. It is also given hairfall result from any acute diseases like after typhoid or any sort of chronic illness.


Natrum mur:  It is most effective medicines for hairfall. The hairfall caused by any sort of stressed factor is generally cured by natrum mur. Hairfall associated with dandruff with a history of stress factor is cured by this remedy.  Natrum mur is generally given in case of Hairfall  which occurred during pregnancy and  in lactating period.



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