Best 6 homeopathy medicines for asthma

The common symptoms of asthma are

  1. Tightness of chest
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Wheezing sound during breathing
  4. Coughing


Best 6 Homeopathy medicines for asthma

  1. Arsenic alb – asthmatic attack of wheezing sound, difficulties in breathing, feeling of tightness of chest, frequent coughing after exposure to cold air, cold drink, cold chilled foods, and ice creams. The child if take ice-cream or cold drink gets the asthma afterwards. From exposure to chilled air from air condition or moving in cold dry air in winter season get the asthmatic attack. There is tightness of chest. Feeling of shortness of breathing. Wheezing sounds coming out when taking breath associates with cough. The all symptoms of asthma like breathing difficulties or tightness feeling in chest generally are worse in night time around mid night and in a lying posture. The patient cannot sleep feeling of more breathlessness and sits up.  The patient feels better when sits up with inclined to sit forward. The patient feels very anxious due to of breathing difficulties and even so fearful think of death from it. He/ she feels restless can sit in one place and move here and there.  Some persons who have had any skin disease like atopic dermatitis or eczema like skin disease in child hood or earlier days and has been treated with any ointment , but after a few years develop the asthmatic condition can be given arsenic alb.



  1. Ipecac – Ipecac is one of the best medicines given at the acute asthmatic condition. There is more wheezing sound with cough and nauseatic tendency. The patient feels breathlessness and shortness of breath due to bronchial constriction associates with suffocating cough. There is constant spasmodic cough with gagging and vomiting sensation in cough associates with difficulty breathing. The person feels so suffocative during the asthmatic cough gasps for breath and the face lips turn blue on cyanosis.  The patient feels more breathlessness and suffocative feeling when in a warm room or closed room. In open air feels a bit relief. The all symptoms are worse in warm room and better in the open space or in open air.



  1. Aralia – it is also one of the best medicines for acute condition of asthma. There is tightness feeling in chest with shortness of breath associates with wheezing sound. There is cough associates with asthmatic symptoms. The cough is more during sleep at night. In the early part of sleep there is tickling sensation in the throat that initiates coughing and patients wake up on coughing with a feeling of suffocative and shortness of breath, there is wheezing or whistling sound comes during respiration. The patient feels as if something in the throat that is making irritation and causing cough. The patient feels constriction of chest with suffocative and difficult breathing. There is much wheezing sound very loud, musical whistling during both inspiration and expiration, but louder during inspiration. There is a constant desire to clear chest so that could sleep better, but on making forcible expiration to clear chest raw, burning sore feeling behind whole length of sternum. After rising in morning can raise some loose phlegm easily.



  1. Grindelia- Grindelia gives very good result in asthma especially in acute attack. The symptom of suffocative feeling is more prominent in grindelis. There is asthmatic cough with profuse thick phlegm secretion. Rattling of chest is more prominent than wheezing sound in grindelis. The expectoration of phlegm after coughing gives some relief to the asthmatic condition. There is more suffocative feeling in asthmatic attack and worst when falling asleep. Even the patient fears to go for sleep on account of suffocative feeling. There is extreme breathlessness with palpitation, faintness, inability to lie down.



5. Natrum sulph – Asthma especially in children which generally appear at every change of weather or worse on damp rainy season. There is thick greenish yellow expectoration on coughing. The patient hold the chest while coughing. The cough is worse at 3am – 4am like kali carb. The patient sits up and holds his chest while coughing. The suffocative feeling, tightness of chest and cough are worse in damp rainy weather and relieved in open air. There is shortness of breath when walking; gradually relieve by rest. If he coughs while standing feels a sharp stitching pain in left side of chest, with shortness of breath



  1. Kali carb – In kali carb the asthmatic symptoms are generally worse at early morning like 3am-4am. The patient wake up at early morning from asthmatic suffocative attack and sits up with bending forward which gives him a little relieve. The same symptoms is also occurred in arsenic alb. But in arsenis alb the aggravation is on midnight but in kalicarb the aggravation at early morning. In arsenic there is more anxiety with restlessness feeling in asthmatic situation which is not so prominent in kali carb. The asthma in kalicarb is associated with cough of dry nature nut loose as in natrum sulph and grindelia. The asthmatic condition in kalicarb is worse in winter season, cold draft air like heper sulph. There is difficult respiration with shortness of breath and stitching pain in sternum on walking quickly at right side of chest through to back, generally when taking breath in. The patient feels relieve by sitting up and bending forward, resting head on knees.



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