What are allergic cold and its homeopathic treatment?

Whenever your body’s immune system reacting to a trigger, or allergen which is something you’re allergic to.  For those who have allergies and breathe in things such as dust, pollen or animal dander, the immune cells in your nose and respiratory air passage may overreact to these harmless substances. Your sensitive respiratory tissues may then swell, and your nasal area  may become stuffed up or runny. Allergic cold can also cause itchy, watery eyes, which you don’t normally have with a cold or flu


Symptoms of Cold Allergies

This kind of allergic response can take several forms, from itchiness to wheezing. The main symptoms might be on the skin, in the nose or in the chest. Cold allergic reactions can even cause general fatigue and decreased capability to learn.

  1. Headache
  2. Fatigue, Weakness
  3. Stuffy, Runny Nose
  4. Sneezing
  5. Sore Throat
  6. Cough
  7. Chest Discomfort

Cold Allergies Triggers:  Breathing cold air can also trigger nasal congestion and wheezing. Sometimes this is a purely physical effect. This happens in two ways.

  1. Your Overactive Immune System
  2. Pollen
  3. Animal dander
  4. Dust mite
  5. Insect things
  6. Mold
  7. Medication

Best homeopathic Treatment:

For a long standing curative treatment, it is required to rectify the hypersensitiveness nature of the immune system of the allergic person so that he will not react adversely even when exposing to the same allergens which he was reacting earlier.

The homeopathy medicines help in this regards by rectifying or modifying the sensitive nature of the immune system of an allergic persons. It is because homeopathy medicines are not only selected from the clinical symptoms of any disease but also from the physical, mental, psychological and emotional features of a person for selection of medicines so it give impact on all systems of the body  including immune system. That’s the way it helps to modify the hypersensitive nature immune system of an individual to perform normal way like a healthy person. Homeopathy treatment for allergy gives wonderful result to the patients to prevent as well as cure the allergic constitution permanently.

Cold Allergies Prevention: The most important step in treating cold allergies is to identify what triggers them and avoid them such as pollen, house dust mites, mold, pet dander, cockroaches that causes your symptoms.

Common symptoms of cold allergy with their homeopathy medicines:

  1. Allium Cepa. Allium Cepa is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever. When there is watery discharge from the eyes and running nose. The runny nose is mostly associated with burning type and the watery discharge dropdown from the tip of the nose. The runny nose is also associated with watery eyes but there is no burning pain in eyes. There is profuse sneezing associated with runny nose and watery eyes.
  2. Arsenic Album. Arsenicum is the top natural Homeopathic medicine to treat allergy and asthma. There is profuse nasal discharge with burning of nose associated with repeated sneezing. There is asthma symptoms which are aggravated on midnight. The breathlessness and difficulty in breathing are worst on lying posture. There is little relief if the person sites of with bending forward. The person is very anxious about his diseases and stay restless always
  3. Natrum Mur. Natrum Mur is most prescribed Homeopathic medicine that is most beneficial for the treatment of nasal allergies. The important for using Natrum Mur in nasal allergy are a running nose with sneezing and difficulty in breathing. There is also Oversensitive to smell with nosebleed and stopped up.
  4. Merc Sol. Merc Sol is very effective and is one of the best homeopathic medicines for allergic rhinitis or hay fever. There is much sneezing and watery discharge from the nose. There is increased sensitivity to both heat and cold and the patient cannot tolerate either. There is Sneezing in sunshine. There is Yellow-green, fetid, pus-like discharge, but it is too thick to run down the lip; worse, warm room. There is Pain and swelling of nasal bones, and caries, with greenish fetid ulceration. Copious discharge of corroding mucus.

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