5 best homeopathic medicines for allergy rhinitis.

Homeopathy treatment can diminish the hypersensitivity nature of the immune system of the allergy or asthma susceptible person. Thus the allergic reaction and asthmatic condition gradually cures by the proper homeopathy treatment and remedies. A constitutional homeopathy treatment basing upon the physical, mental, psychological, emotional condition can reduce the susceptibility nature of the person to get allergy and asthma frequently  by modifying his/her immune system. The acute asthmatic symptoms of difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, can be controlled effectively and instantly by suitable homeopathy medicines and homeopathy nebulising. Homeopathy nebulisation is the recent modern advanced homeopathy approach developed by Dr.Satapathy  that gives a rapid effect in asthmatic patient to control their acute symptoms of shortness of breath, cough and wheezing sound The allergic sneezing can also be controlled instantly by the homeopathy medicines with nebulisation

A long standing allergy or asthma patient can get a cure by proper constitutional homeopathy treatment



Homeopathy is best placed to treat all types of allergic disorder because it does not try to treat the symptoms of the allergies but also it works to root of the cause of these allergies.

  1. Allium Cepa
  2. Arsenic Album
  3. Natrum Mur
  4. Merc Sol
  5. Arundo


  1. Allium Cepa: One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Allergic cold or Hay Fever . There is watery discharge from the eyes along with running nose. The eyes become red and are sensitive to light. There is Sneezing especially when entering a warm room. There is Copious and watery discharge from the nose is thin and acrid.  In Hay fever you Feeling of a lump at root of nose. In allergic rhinitis there is Fluent coryza with headache, cough, and hoarseness.
  2. Arsenic Album: One of the effective Homeopathic medicines for frequent cold Allergy. There is thin watery discharge from the nose which excoriates the upper lip, but still the nose is stuffed up. There is much sneezing from irritation in the nose. There may be restlessness and anxiety with the other symptoms of hay fever. Thirst is increased though the patient drinks a little bit of water at one time. The symptoms are likely to be worse at night. There is an increased sense of weakness with restlessness with cold skin.
  3. Natrum Mur: Natrum Mur does wonders and is one of the best homeopathic medicines for hay fever or allergic cold. There is a lot of sneezing and the symptoms start with sneezing only, there is intense dryness of the mouth and the mucous membranes. There is an increased wanting to eat salt or salty food. Natrum Mur is a great remedy for allergic rhinitis.
  4. Merc Sol. Merc Sol is very effective and is one of the best homeopathic medicines for allergic cold or hay fever. There is much sneezing and watery discharge from the nose. There is increased sensitivity to both heat and cold and the patient cannot tolerate either. There is Sneezing in sunshine. There is Yellow-green, fetid, pus-like discharge, but it is too thick to run down the lip; worse, warm room. There is Pain and swelling of nasal bones, and caries, with greenish fetid ulceration. Copious discharge of corroding mucus.
  5. Arundo: Arundo is one of the best homeopathic medicines for frequent cold allergy specially symptoms of repeated sneezing. There is a lot of burning and itching in the nose, the eyes and the roof of the mouth. Sense of smell becomes diminished.

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