Asthma|What causes asthma?Scope of homeopathy

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a totally commonplace condition affecting around 2 crores of the population in India and around 33 crores in complete global degree. The incapacity and premature demise from bronchial asthma is finest in youngsters from the age institution 6-14 and aged of age72-78. In bronchial asthma the bronchial tubes slender and this makes it extra tough to breathe.

How Our lungs are Affected In Asthmatic Condition?


Our lungs play a prime position for gas alternate between our blood and the air. The inhaled air goes inside the lungs through the pipe known as bronchus. The bronchus once more divided and subdivided into several small air pipes known as bronchioles. The ones bronchioles are ended with sac like structure referred to as alveolus. Through the alveolar wall the trade of fuel taken vicinity among blood and inhaled air.

In asthmatic condition the bronchioles are constricted due to the inflammation of internal bronchial wall by way of the stimulating impact of diverse cause elements like dusts, pollens, contamination, chemical irritants, and facet effects of many tablets impact. Whilst the bronchioles get constricted unable to deliver good enough amount of gas or oxygen to the blood so the character tries to pull air forcefully to fulfillment his requirement. Because of irritation of the inner space of the bronchioles it’s far filled up with mucous plugs that secreted from the bronchial mucous membrane. When the air flows thru this constricted mucous stuffed narrowed air tubes it creates a wheezing sound. This is the short pathology of bronchial asthma.

The commonplace symptoms of bronchial asthma are – common assault of cough, bloodless, fever, tightness of chest, shortness of breath with wheezing sound on respiratory, smooth fatigue and lack of appetite

The not unusual remedy of bronchial asthma use of inhaler act as a bronchodilator that dilates the bronchial tubes for easy air flows, anti allergic and steroid remedy to control the allergic and inflammatory circumstance of bronchial tube, antibiotics to manipulate the contamination. After the remedy even though patient get comfort however for a short period of time. The same symptoms again reappear after a few days or perhaps weeks of hole and again the same remedy routine is given to control the symptoms. In the direction of time the space is steadily reduced and more frequently it appears.

This pathological change in the air tube does not arise in absolutely everyone but in few people. There are numerous things enter our lungs that our immune system commonly views as harmless. However in a few man or woman our immune device by way of errors appears these harmless materials as a capability danger and starts off evolved reacting. So the motive is some humans are very hypersensitive to a few materials, their airlines are greater hypersensitive than regular person so they react vigorously in little unfavorable situation.  So it’s far fairly required to offer the sort of remedy that can able to desensitize their hypersensitive airlines which will get long term therapy from the bronchial asthma.

What Triggers/Causes of asthma?

It isn’t always clean why some humans get bronchial asthma and others don’t, however it’s probably due to a aggregate of environmental and genetic (inherited) factors. Human beings with bronchial asthma have infected airlines that are touchy to things which might not hassle other humans. These things are “triggers.”

Asthma triggers vary from individual to character. A few people react to only some while others react to many.

When you have asthma, it’s far vital to preserve tune of the causes or triggers which you realize provoke your bronchial asthma. Due to the fact the symptoms do now not usually arise right after publicity, this could take a chunk of detective paintings. Delayed asthma episodes may arise depending at the form of trigger and how sensitive a person is to it.

The most common asthma triggers include:

Substances that cause allergies (allergens) can trigger asthma. If you inhale something you are allergic to, you may experiences asthma symbol. It is best to avoid or limit contact with known allergens to decrease or prevent asthma episodes.

Common allergens that cause allergic asthma include:

  • dust mites
  • cockroach
  • pollens
  • molds
  • pet dander
  • rodents

Irritants in the Air

Irritants in the environment can also bring on an asthma episode. Although people are not allergic to these items, they can bother inflamed, sensitive airways:

  • smoke from cigarettes
  • air pollution such as smog, ozone, and others
  • wood fires
  • charcoal grills
  • strong fumes, vapors, or odors (such as paint, gasoline, perfumes and scented soaps)
  • dusts and particles in the air
  • chemicals

Respiratory Illness

  • colds
  • flu (influenza)
  • sore throats
  • sinus infections
  • pneumonia
  • Respiratory infections are the most common asthma trigger in children.
  • Exercise

Exercise and other activities that make you breathe harder can affect your asthma. Exercise—especially in cold air—is a frequent asthma trigger. Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB) is a form of asthma that is triggered by physical activity. It is also known as exercise-induced asthma (EIA). Symptoms may not appear until after several minutes of sustained exercise. (If symptoms appear sooner than this, it usually means you need to adjust your treatment.) With proper treatment, you do not need to limit your physical activity.

Learn more about Exercise-Induced Asthma.


Dry wind, cold air or sudden changes in weather can sometimes bring on an asthma episode.

Feeling and Expressing Strong Emotions

  • anger
  • fear
  • excitement
  • laughter
  • yelling
  • crying

When you feel strong emotions, your breathing changes – even if you don’t have asthma. It may cause wheezing or other asthma symptoms in someone with asthma.


Some medicines can also trigger asthma:

  • If you are sensitive to aspirin and NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • If you take medicines known as beta blockers – they can also make asthma harder to control
  • Other Asthma Triggers
  • sulfites in food
  • hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle
  • other medical problems like re flux

Scope of homeopathy treatment:

  • asthma 
  • Homeopathy remedy for bronchial asthma can trade the hypersensitive reaction of the character. While the hypersensitive reaction or the hyper susceptibilities of the individual improve he will not then react adversely to the harmless materials which he changed into reacting earlier than. This could only be feasible by a right constitutional homeopathy treatment for allergies.
  • Homeopathy remedy for bronchial asthma can nicely manage the acute signs of asthmatic situation like difficulties in respiration, cough, fever, and so forth efficiently and greater thoroughly.
  • Homeopathy remedy in asthma consists of homeopathy medicines in addition to homeopathic nebulisation to offer a rapid comfort to the affected person
  • Homeopathy treatment for asthma can control the allergic situation of the asthmatic patient greater swiftly and efficaciously.
  • Homeopathy treatment for allergies supply a long lasting cure to asthma which can be clinically demonstrated in lots of patients
  • Homeopathy could be very secure and while not having any drug aspect impact. Asthma although can arise at any age however the baby hood bronchial asthma or children allergies is the maximum not unusual fitness hassle within the contemporary society. So homeopathy treatment for the bronchial asthma affords a secure and long time remedy to the small children.For more details, click here.

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